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MAK institution aims to help students and working professionals to realize their strengths and interests to build a long-lasting career. We offer comprehensive preparation for standardized exams and also personalized consulting for the career selection process.  Our focus is to help students gain skills that can then be applied to all other areas of life.  Our consultants have international experience in guiding students to take the right path to achieve their higher career goals. MAK institutions as the pioneer in their field to provide specialized services to professionals from anywhere in the world


The plan to build MAK institution struck 10 years before. The reason behind the institution was an incident that happened in the life of the Managing Director. His family consists of four members Manoj Zachariya (Father), Anitha Manoj (Mother), and Kishore Manoj (Brother). The Name (MAK) has been taken from the first word of the names of family members. The naming of the MAK Institution was done by Akhil Bhuvneshwar (Sree Thampuran Pictures) who is a close friend of the Managing Director. Mak Institution is aiming to build a hospital in the near future.


We believe that our success is driven by good results. Thus, our mission is to become the most result-oriented training institution for medical professionals and students to fulfill their dreams.

We aim to make the whole process simpler for you so that you can focus on achieving your dreams.


We believe in two things: ethical conduct, and results. In the education industry, these two principles enable us to keep your best interests and success. 



MAK is one of the best platform to give a great start to your career. This institution assures maximum satisfaction to the students by providing quality training for their courses. It also look after the staff in commendable way.As a student and a trainer. I got an opportunity to work with this family . So I strongly recommend everyone to choose this institution for better results.


MAK Institute: MAK is an excellent platform for those who are struggling to attain a good scores in OET /IELTS . From my experience, after joining this institution my writing module improved a lot.


It's a great pleasure to be a part of MAK institution due to its peculiar characteristics. This is an academy with skilled and well-qualified trainers, who execute sincere effort and intelligent direction for the upliftment of its students.


They have the best faculties and they also provide individual attention to all the students especially in writing and speaking modules. Also during this pandemic, they provide online classes for students which was very helpful. MAK is the best coaching center.


MAK is a very prestigious and reputed institution providing quality service and education to its students. I am grateful for having received the opportunity to work here and be a part of such a path breaking institution and i am very proud to be a part of MAK family .



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